The Proud Family revival is in full swing and brings in celebrity guests weekly. On the episode that will premiere this Wednesday (April 13), legendary DJ Kid Capri will make his animated debut. Kid Capril will be the DJ for Penny Proud’s frenemy, LaCienega’s quinceañera.

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A synopsis for the episode reads:
LaCienega’s quinceañera has finally arrived and she has very specific plans for it. When her cousin, LaBrea, an ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan, threatens to steal her thunder, LaCienega grows increasingly hostile, which threatens to alienate Penny and her crew. Meanwhile, Sunset deals with her sister, Melrose’s, passive-aggressive critiques of every aspect of the quinceañera by choosing increasingly extravagant and expensive party elements that threaten to break the bank.

You can see the exclusive clip of DJ Kid Capri on The Proud Family below.


Recently, Kid Capri celebrated his 55th birthday with the release of his third studio album, THE LOVE. The 19-track album is written, produced, and performed by Kid Capri and includes popular singles Uptown featuring his daughter, Vina Love, and Slap Key released in October 2021. You can hear the new album below.