According to several confirmed reports, Kerrion Franklin, gospel singer Kirk Franklin’s son, was detained yesterday after being pulled over in Beverly Hills in a routine traffic stop, where a gun was discovered. With Franklin already facing criminal charges in Texas, he was arrested and booked in the Los Angeles County Jail.

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Podcast host Larry Reid spoke to the Bad Boys: Los Angeles star from behind bars, who says he was “wrongfully arrested and stopped because of his tail light.” Reid said that Franklin got into an altercation with the arresting officers, which led to him getting a charge for resisting arrest.

“Kerrion told me on the phone that they’re trying to slap two other charges on him just because and that the charges were not true,” Reid said. “So, Kerrion is saying he did not resist arrest and that there was no gun that they found that was his. So, I’m assuming that he’s alleging that the gun was planted.”


Reid says that Kerrion may be extradited to his home state of Texas but will remain in the L.A. County Jail until his next hearing; but is currently being held without bail.

Go to 33 minutes in the video below to hear more details about this story.