Rapper Peter Gunz recently got into an altercation during a recent episode while hosting his infamous show Cheaters.
Peter Pankey became the host of Cheaters in October 2020 after the previous host Clark James Gable passed in February 2019. Deemed perfect for the job fans have rallied for the Bronx native.

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In an interview with Showbiz Cheatsheet, the Bronx, New York native explained why he was the ideal host for the show.

“Most people that followed my story on Love & Hip Hop would say I have the audacity to take this job but I’m a good fit, you want someone in this role who has been down a similar road. Though I’m not proud of my reputation because of certain decisions I’ve made, I know that I am a draw because of what people have seen.”


He added that he knows how to sympathize with the cheater and serve as a mediator in situations concerning infidelity.

“I’m sympathetic to those who get caught and those who are heartbroken over the discovery,” he said. “My goal is not to break up a happy home, but instead to help the couples decide if they can work things out or maybe separation is best.”

During a recent episode, Peter revealed to the show’s guest video of him cheating on his wife of seven years. After the two women beat the guest up, he took his anger out on Peter as the two scuffled,
Watch the video below!

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