One of the legends of battle rap in Harlem’s Loaded Lux has recently faced off front and center with the current face of the new era of battle rap, the tried, tested, and battle-hardened Geechi Gotti from the West Coast on SMACK / URLTV via CaffeineTV. A close battle with hip hop and battle rap fans alike divided undoubtedly lived up to expectations, and check the memorable reactions from both Drake and Cassidy, who were front row in the building. Watch the near hour-long lyrical exchange below, hosted by Drake himself, as he continues his long-running embracement of battle rap.  

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This battle went down over five months ago on Geechi Gotti’s home turf, proving to be a difficult and, at times, silently hostile crowd for Lux. They certainly had to rap his way through periods of no reactions from those in the building at the time as the final battle on the star-studded crowd. It will be interesting to see where these two go next in terms of battle rap – with a widely speculated Hitman Holla vs. Geechi Gotti battle rumored to be well in the works for potentially later this year. As for one of the GOATs of battle rap, a potential upcoming match-up for Loaded Lux could include either King Los, Conceited, Rum Nitty or Pat Stay.