Growing up, James Vitas always gravitated towards music. He fell in love with music because it gave him a vehicle in which he could emotionally express himself. In his youth, you would always find a pen and paper in the hands of James Vitas. He would constantly create his own lyrics to the hottest songs out at the time. Due to his practice and persistence, James Vitas was able to rapidly expand his vocabulary. Through his many years of dedication to music, James Vitas has molded himself into one of the great lyricists of this generation.

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Currently, James Vitas is an independent artist. He prides himself on the versatility of music that he releases. He is not a one-dimensional artist like so many we see in the music industry today. James Vitas focuses on creating music that hits a plethora of musical styles. The quality that separates James Vitas is his ability to tell a story through clever rhymes. He is able to paint a vivid picture in the mind of the listener like never before. Much of the inspiration behind his lyrics comes from the trials and tribulations he has overcome in life.

2022 is going to be a massive year for the young artist. James Vitas intends on making his name a household name within the music industry. He has a well-diverse catalog out already and plans to add to that with a plethora of new music this year. He just released his highly anticipated body of work “Please Keep Your Distance From Me”. This project contains 4 songs and has a run time of 12 minutes. James Vitas goes in-depth about his past and opens up to his fans. Be sure to stream “Please Keep Your Distance From Me” on Spotify.