Pusha T’s new album It’s Almost Dry drops this Friday and it features Kid Cudi on the single “Rock N Roll.” Also appearing on the single is Kanye West. With the new single soon available to the ears of fans, Kid Cudi wanted to provide an update on his current relationship with Kanye West. In short, there isn’t one. Hitting Twitter, Cudi gave an update and let fans know this is the last time we will hear the two on the same song.

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“So I know some of you heard about the song I got w Pusha,” Cudi wrote on Twitter. “I did this song a year ago when I was still cool w Kanye. I am not cool w that man. He’s not my friend and I only cleared the song for Pusha cuz thats my guy. This is the last song u will hear me on w Kanye.”

In December, Ye shut down his friendship with Cudi over having a positive relationship with Pete Davidson. The feud started after Ye shared a photo of a handwritten note on Instagram. The block letters in all-caps read: “Just so everyone knows Cudi will not be on Donda because he’s friends with you know who. We all speak in Billie language now.” Billie language is a nod to Billie Eilish, who Ye felt sneak dissed Travis Scott, which may have also played a role in skipping out on Coachella.


In response, Kudi posted the following comment on Ye’s IG post: “Too bad I don’t wanna be on ur album u f***** dinosaur hahaha. [laughing emoji] everyone knows ive been the best thing about ur albums since i met u. Ima pray for you brother.” The statement was followed by a hand holding the peace sign emoji.

Cudi made note of the issue on Twitter, tweeting: “We talked weeks ago about this. You’re whack for flipping the script and posting this lie just for a look on the internet. You ain’t no friend. BYE.”

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