Frankly Austyn is an independent artist who was born and raised in Georgia. He had a difficult time growing up as he was born to a young mother and absent father. Eventually, they were able to settle down and he was able to discover his love for music. This first started when he discovered his talent for the trumpet. This continued throughout his high school career, and he stopped playing instruments for a short time. He was able to rediscover his love for music after he moved to Vermont and was able to connect with people who were also musically inclined. He began creating beats on his computer for his friends to freestyle over for fun, but soon noticed he had a true talent and decided to take it more seriously. Now as he makes music, he gets inspiration from Kanye’s albums 808s and Heartbreak. He also is influenced by Kid Cudi, Kurt Cobain, Juice Wrld, Travis Scott, and Twenty One Pilots.

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He has had a tough road throughout his life including his battle with depression and anxiety at a young age. Eventually, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder along with depression and anxiety. As he learned to navigate his diagnoses, he became determined to never let them hinder his progression towards his dreams. These struggles have been great achievements as well. So far in his short career, he has released his first EP, gained fans, collaborated with amazing artists, and built up his online credibility. He is just getting started as he has big dreams to tour the world, build a popular studio in the city, and start his own record label.

Frankly Austyn recently released a remix to XO Tour Lif3 on April 1, 2022. This song was in the works for years and Frankly Austyn was finally able to mix and master it to make it perfect. This song details a toxic relationship coming to an end and all the feelings that come along with that. Since this release, Frankly Austyn has been hard at work on new projects for his fans that are highly anticipated.


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