Coco Jones is no stranger to stardom. The former Disney Channel star has gracefully matured and glided into her greatness as a multi-talented actress and singer.

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Jones has already dazzled fans in her role as the social media influencer and culinary expert Hilary Banks in Peacock’s hit series Bel-Air to start the new year. Amid the show’s success, she announced her signing to the historic music label Def Jam. Her single debut, “Caliber,” followed shortly after. According to the 24-year-old star, her vision aligns perfectly with Def Jam.

“It’s iconic,” she says. “I’ve had these experiences before, and I know how to operate in this business, but now I’m myself. I know what I want to sing about. I know what I want to say, and I know how I want it to sound. To have Def Jam behind me means so much because they get the vision too. They’re not trying to change me. They’re just trying to see me win.”


After wrapping up a captivating first season of Bel-Air, Coco heads into season two with the audience in their seat, wondering what’s next for Hilary.

“Everyone is asking me like I know what’s next,” she says as she laughs. “One thing I have learned about our writers is to expect the unexpected because they love to flip the script.”

As she has matured in the entertainment business, her definition of success has changed. “Being booked” was her previous definition. Now she equates success to simply one word: “peace.”

Whether using her angelic voice to serenade listeners or blessing viewers as a thespian, the sky is not the limit for Coco Jones. It is only a point of view.