The Museum of Graffiti is pleased to announce Bits and Pieces, a solo exhibition of new works by GHOST, the New York graffiti artist. The exhibition opens on May 19, 2022 and will be on view through mid-July 2022. 

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Bits and Pieces is Ghost’s first solo show at the Museum of Graffiti. The new works are an explosion of colors and imagery that melt into his rounded his unique graffiti letterforms. Ghost’s work contains hundreds of elements from his fantastic imagination where viewers are transported into a psychedelic world where letters come to life. “One of the highest compliments I get is that people say they feel like they took acid without taking acid. I like to take people on a trip. The more they look into the art, the more they discover my world,” states Ghost. His paintings are like eye candy to the artist who unlike many of the graffiti artists working in the streets wants his work to be accessible to the public. He adds, “I want people to get drawn in. Layers and depth are important for me to create a situation where people can spend time with my pieces. People want to walk into them and get into the art. To me that’s what makes my painting successful – when people want to walk into it. I don’t intend to do this but it just happens that way. For the most part it has been accidental discoveries during the process of painting and challenging myself.” 

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The new paintings include works that are reminiscent of the 1980s when he was adorning New York City’s subway trains with his original and improvised style of graffiti lettering and characters. Ghost was one of the last kings of the New York City train graffiti era. Today, he approaches his paintings with the same zest and casual grace as he does his train work, with bold explosions of colors and wild cartoons.