All good things must come to an end. It’s unfortunate to see former love birds Justine Skye and Giveon separated and at odds after reports surfaced that the couple broke up due to Giveon allegedly cheating.

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During her “Wine Down Wednesday” segment on Instagram live, Justine Skye revealed how she caught her lover boy ex cheating on her after going through an old phone. Skye stated that she received a text from Giveon while he was out on a date with another woman and when she asked him what he was doing, he lied and mentioned that he was out with friends.

Skye stated that when she called the singer out, instead of confessing, he texted his friends in a panic, looking for an excuse to give her, but the singer decided to break things off with no luck. “When he said, ‘I’m done,’ I was like… You’re done?” she stated before showing him the screenshots of the messages she saw. “And I said, ‘No, I’m done.’”


“People like that don’t last,” she added. “That for sure was the craziest lie that I have ever caught someone in.”

It seems that the two will now be releasing new music within the same week. The “Work You Hard” singer announced that she would be releasing her song titled “What a Lie” on Friday, April 22nd, before her former boyfriend would announce his forthcoming single “Lie Again” the following Friday, April 29th.

A Twitter user would put the artwork of both artists side by side with some interesting emojis before Justine would quote the tweet saying, “I already know what this weak ass song sounds like anyway, it’s not what yall think it’ll be.”

Raise your hand if you will be tuned into both artists’ singles. We will be! Check out the cover art below.