Having the vision to attain a specific goal in life is one thing, but choosing to grind each day, making tough choices, facing challenges head-on, and making every possible effort to turn those visions into reality is what the real game is. Very few manage to belong to the latter category, but those who do, go ahead in becoming prominent names in their respective industries, even as youngsters. We came to learn about one such young talent in the music world, who has been consistently gaining massive momentum and success for his musical craft as an ace producer from Manchester, the UK; he is Saif Khan, most famously known by his stage name LegendaryKeyzz.

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LegendaryKeyzz has today become a multi-platinum record producer and in a few short years has created a growing fan base for himself, giving major hits in his career like Big Rambo, Boujie, Killers, Designer, Cook Flake, Intent to Survive, Glitching, First Block, Planets and Bad Girl, available on Spotify, What has garnered more headlines for him is the fact that as a respected UK producer, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the US hip-hop game. LegendaryKeyzz is known for his excellence in the thriving urban scene of the 0161 with gripping ‘hood beats.’ At just 23 years of age, he is becoming a sought-after producer who has the ability to take over the UK-US music scene.

He also attributes much of his success to his manager, Joe Young, who provided him with the right opportunities at the right time in the industry, which gave him the chance to work with top artists like The Game, Tyga, and Nipsey Hussle and many others. Today, LegendaryKeyzz is known for his unique sound and soulful melodies that help him stand apart from the rest. Also, his heavy, Detroit-influenced, Shoreline Mafiaesque sound translates between both scenes, which has what also propelled him forward in the ever-so-evolving and competitive industry.


His passion for rap music and astute producing skills have made LegendaryKeyzz one of Manchester’s most high-recognized and respected producers while growing his prominence in the US as a versatile producer. Creating hood beats for the rich music scene in Manchester, LegendaryKeyzz, over the years, has come a long way as a young talent.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @legendarykeyzz.