Stephen Curry, a three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP, has announced the addition of golf to his UNDERRATED brand. UNDERRATED is a motivational lifestyle brand with a mission to encourage underrepresented and undervalued people around the world. Curry’s UNDERRATED brand represents every undervalued, three-star individual in the planet. With this latest venture into golf, Underappreciated continues to take the game of basketball by storm. The inspiring lifestyle brand is expanding its work to inspire underrated and underrepresented individuals all around the world.

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Golf is one of the most inaccessible sports in the world for underrepresented people, which is why Stephen and his team are taking the brand beyond basketball. UNDERRATED Golf is a mission-driven, purpose-driven company dedicated to delivering equity, access, and opportunity to student-athletes from underrepresented areas through participation in the sport of golf. UNDERRATED Golf will also give young golfers access to courses they would otherwise be unable to access, all while tackling gender injustice inside the sport of golf and beyond, ensuring that young female players have the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

“While golf has always been a passion of mine, I can’t turn a blind eye to the major inequities that exist in the sport amongst underrepresented individuals,” said Stephen Curry exclusively to The SOURCE. “With UNDERRATED Golf, we want to provide unparalleled opportunities and learnings to individuals who may not normally have access to the sport. I believe that golf, unlike any other sport, offers a very powerful vehicle to positively shape and impact an individual’s social and professional career across their lifetime. It is my hope that through this new and exciting endeavor, we can create a brighter and sustainable future for these young prospects.”


Players will discover what it takes to develop a successful career through a series of guest speakers, networking events, and learning tools with brands and organizations. UNDERRATED Golf will also be used as a recruitment tool for their brands and organizations in order to hire the future leaders who will assist bring about change locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide.

“We are dedicated to enacting real change by creating lanes for boys and girls from underserved communities to gain access to the sport,” said Will Lowery, UNDERRATED Golf Professional and Tour Ambassador. “UNDERRATED Golf provides equity, access and opportunity, recognizing the instrumental role the sport plays as one of the greatest vehicles and connectors for life success—from relationship building to career endeavors. We are focused on equal representation of all genders, while being a force multiplier for them to realize their potential and positively impact the sport—from skill on the course to competing in major tournaments and pursuing leadership roles across industries.”

Student-athletes who are chosen to compete in UNDERRATED Golf will be able to progress via the sport in order to have a long-term future outside of it. UNDERRATED Golf will identify and honor the best players at each regional tournament, similar to the UNDERRATED Basketball Tour and Championships. In its inaugural year, the UNDERRATED Golf Tour will choose each of the 24 best boys and girls to compete for the Curry Cup at the UNDERRATED Tour Championship at the end of the season. UNDERRATED Golf will continue to expand its participant pool in the future years, with the goal of eventually having a global footprint with the top prospects in the world. the most promising prospects.

UNDERRATED is the pinnacle of Curry’s inspirational journey to the top, in which he beat the odds, shattering basketball stereotypes and reminding everyone that being the best is about being grounded in your potential, committed to your trade, and, ultimately, undaunted.

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