T-Pain has had the streets singing his songs since 2005. With the release of songs such as “I’m Sprung,” “I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper),” “Can’t Believe It,” and more, there’s no doubt that the singer will always be loved in the music industry……unless you are from Dallas.

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Just jokes! However, the “Bartender” rapper recently called out his fans in Dallas after reviewing the sales for his ongoing tour, where he noticed the percentage was really low for his show in Dallas.

“On the tour we do a weekly tour update kind of thing, you know, and we send out this little spreadsheet of the percentages of tickets we’ve sold in each city,” T-Pain told fans on TikTok. “I got to tell you, man, there’s only one question: ‘What the fuck, Dallas?’”


“Dallas, what are you doing?! Y’all don’t fuck with me?! What did I do! Let me know what I did! What’s going on?!” he added as the percentage number reads 26%.  “I wore cowboy hats many times! I used to raise horses! I feel like I’m part of the city! I’ve worn a cowboy hat or two…regular cowboys and Dallas Cowboys!”

“DALLAS GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!!!!! BUFFALLO YOURE NEXT!!!!” the rapper wrote as Buffalo can be seen with 39% ticket sales.

Check out the video of the singer’s pain below.