50 Cent made the transition from radio to television a while ago. Ever since he brought Power to STARZ, the Jamaica Queens artist’s career went to new levels. Since then, G-Unit Films has produced shows like BMF, PowerPower Book II: Ghost, and Power Book IV: Force. Despite having award-winning success in television, STARZ is still pulling the plug on 50’s potential new show.

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Four months ago, 50, Curtis Jackson announced that he would move forward with the Snoop Dogg-inspired series Murder Was the Case, but in a recent Instagram post, he said that the show “is no longer in production.”

 Jackson wrote, “Murder was the case is no longer in production at STARZ. I give them the alley-oop, they drop the damn ball. Anyway I hope snoop tell his story.”


Back in 1993, Snoop was infamously on trial for allegedly being involved in the killing of Philip Woldermariam, a rival gang member. Snoop’s bodyguard McKinley Lee admitted to reportedly shielding the rapper from Woldermariam and firing the shots that killed him. After a tense, highly-publicized trial, both Lee and Snoop got acquitted of murder. 

This isn’t the first time the music and film mogul has had an issue with the cable network STARZ. In March, he took it to social media to let viewers know that he’s in conflict with STARZ.

“This is me packing my stuff, STARZ,” 50 wrote. “Sucks, my deal is up over here I’m out. They renewed High Town, and FORCE is the highest rated show they have sitting in limbo. If I told you how much dumb sh*t I deal with over here, you would think they all went to school on a small yellow bus.”

Although STARZ ended the production of 50’s new show, he will return in 6 months with new seasons of BMF and Power Universe.