Artists come and go. Music trends change every year.  It’s oppugning for artists to keep skin in the game with the rapid fluctuation of an unpredictable industry––when it comes to staying steady amidst outlandish times, one budding artist has made it his goal to collaborate as much as possible and strategize avenues to grow his platform in 2022.  Enter Smoke Scar.

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Music industry is an artistic industry where pure talent is always loved and appreciated by industry and people. Though it is equally competitive to survive between the great personalities of industry who have set their bench mark with their amazing performances. Several individuals are making their own way to lead ahead with their music craft like Smoke Scar. The young talent has its own aura of music creation and voice texture.

Being inclined towards music industry from childhood and dreamt to achieve new heights with its music skills. His voice has a power to attract millions of listeners. He polished his music craft with its own knowledge and experience. He is never afraid of failure nor learning new thing from that, this positive attitude towards his work makes him unique in his music creations.


His songs are acknowledged by the audiences and showered love for his skillful performance in his all songs. The success of his songs firmed his space in this huge ocean of music. Some of his tracks that has topped the charts are Break her Heart, I Was Lost, Dont Hold Me Up, Tee-V, and Uhh Yah.

In music industry audiences are the king, if they love your music art no one can beat you in the industry. Smoke Scar’s music craft is largely becoming familiar to the massive audiences and his fans. He is having sound fan following on the social domains, the fans encourage him to work harder and more creative with his soulful voice. Currently he is working on his future projects which will be shortly featured and will definitely entertain the audiences, his fans and industry as always.

You can listen to his songs on Spotify.

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