In a recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, Queen Naija spoke about who she wants to collab with in the industry, her recent collaboration with Fivio Foreign, and some internet jokes that bother the 26-year-old artist.

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During the interview, Naija explained the love she receives on each platform, excluding the bluebird app. “I get lots of love everywhere but Twitter bruh, they cannot stand me,” she stated.

“They blame me for something that happened between a whole other situation. They blamed me because Nicki couldn’t go live or something before they said its all your fault. Its a trend. Literally, when I be looking at the quoted tweets, everybody’s laughing. It’s like I’m the joke of Twitter.”


“They said I told Chris the joke, I said ‘what is going on?'” Naija continued, referring to the infamous Oscars slap.

While Naija states that some tweets do bother her, for the most part, the singer says that she can laugh at the jokes after understanding that “some people really don’t like me. Just a small percentage right. Then its just that bandwagon thing that everybody likes to jump on because they want to be seen or feel popular or get likes or follows. Its like a trend to dislike me, and honestly I think they really do like me though. You speak about me so much so you must like me.”

We love to see Queen not let the internet’s negativity affect her! She also spoke about shooting her shot in hopes of collaborating with Drake on a track. “Ima say this because usually to be honest with y’all, I don’t try to say big artist because it was a point where I felt like I’m too small or I can’t reach them but you never know what happens, so I would love to do a song with Drake one day,” the singer stated.

Check out the full interview below.