When it comes to art like music, the demand for something new and fresh is always high. Music as an art form not only connects people with the artist but also acts as a healer to ailing hearts. For decades, the music industry has evolved through various changes in rhythms, genres, and sounds. The only thing that remained constant is the purpose of creating music, which is to build a connection through artistic expression. A new breed of artists creating contemporary music is fearlessly hitting the chord with unique creations. Eloghosa Ogbemudia, a young artist, music producer, and student from the UK belongs to this breed who dares to experiment and loves to create something new. 

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Eloghosa Ogbemudia has always been passionate about music. He loved listening to different genres, which eventually helped him discover his distinct sound. It was during the pandemic-related lockdown in 2020 when Eloghosa decided to make better use of his leisure indoors. Confined to his home and sitting idle was not something the artist in him was meant for. So he utilized the time to hone his craft and work on his music to create his distinct sound. 

Eloghosa started producing music on his own and took it to the internet to find his audience. His unique take on R&B and hip-hop songs won millions of hearts. People loved the way he created sounds with alternative genres that not only soothes hearts but also rejuvenate the mind. The signature style of Eloghosa is his storytelling art through music. He wants people to feel connected to his music and pay attention to the lyrics. He often narrates a story through his songs that resonate with millions of hearts. 


Although Eloghosa is a rising music producer on the internet, he still managed to accomplish a few milestones in his career. His single “Diamond” got more than 1000 hits on the first day of its release, which is commendable. So far, Eloghosa has amassed over 5K monthly listeners on Spotify, and the number is climbing daily. Eloghosa is also becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. 

Focusing on music production while still being a student was not easy for Eloghosa. He was discouraged by many who told him his music will not get him anywhere. However, Eloghosa was confident in his talent and persisted with his goal. He used his free time to work on his music and develop his unique style. His success is now the best reply to the naysayers who never supported him in his journey. Eloghosa paved the way to a successful career in music production without sacrificing his academics, yet another achievement. The young artist was also awarded “best student of the class” recently. 

Eloghosa believes this is just the beginning for him in the realm of music. He has more to create for his audiences, enthralling them with a fresh wave of music with every new release. He is set to storm the internet scene with his unique style of hip-hop and R&B for many more years. More than popularity, Eloghosa loves to chase excellence in his craft. He considers his success in connecting with his listeners through music.