Today in 2002, 50 Cent released Guess Who’s Back?, his first official mixtape following the Power of the Dollar LP on the Full Clip Records indie imprint.

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It was this offering that would catapult Curtis Jackson into the public eye. Eventually, the project would gain the attention of Eminem via his attorney/manager Paul Rosenberg and Shady would ultimately sign 50 Cent to Shady Records/Interscope and a new Hip Hop icon would be born.

Guess Who’s Back features production from Trackmasters, Clark Kent, Sha Money Xl, and featured street anthems like, “Your Life’s On The Line”. It also had the controversial song, “Ghetto Qu’ran” which allegedly led to his almost deadly shooting in 2000.


The album charted on Billboard setting up the G-Unit era and a lengthy career that continues today. 50 Cent would go on to release his mega Interscope debut, “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” and become a top charting and live show sellout artist.

Salute to Fif for this timeless and necessary piece of Hip Hop history!