Hailing from California, singer and songwriter nicky ros has been making music for as long as he can remember. The artist grew up in a multicultural family which allowed him to be exposed to a wide variety of music. He also participated in a choir and instrumental bands when he was young which has fostered his talents today. 

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As a kid, nicky ros used to dance around his house with a toothbrush pretending it was a microphone and imagining himself performing in front of thousands of people. “I used to love watching live shows and VCR tapes from Pop music artists and boy bands,” recalled ros. “Watching the energy of the crowd really inspired me and every time I write a song.”

The biggest part of nicky ros’ journey has been believing in himself. Music has been a long road of rejection and redemption for the creative who questioned his abilities multiple times. Overcoming his personal doubts as well as the doubts of others around him, nicky ros has put together a career he can be proud of. 


Concentrating on infusing multiple different cultures and genres of music together within his own sound, nicky ros has reached thousands of listeners across the world. His song ‘Pressure’ has amassed almost half a million streams to date. 

nicky ros’ next move includes the release of an EP called ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off’ from he recently offered up his newest single ‘f it out’. 

You can listen to nicky ros here: