For Pop Culture, eyewear goes hand-and-hand with fame as it provides a necessary barrier between a star’s identity and public accessibility. Danny Aranbayev is a popular celebrity jewelry designer, who’s most recognized as “The Cartier Doctor,” which was a moniker gifted to him by celebrities for his signature iced-out eyewear design. And with a resume that includes the likes of Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, Bobby Shmurda, Icewear Vezzo, 42 Dugg, and so many more of today’s hip hop’s hottest stars. 

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And with a high-profile clientele, extensive optical background, and huge social media following, the jeweler is unstoppable with the execution of the next phase of his career. Aranbayev seizes the moment with the launch of his new eyewear venture, known as Jewelz For The Face. The Source’s Bryson “Boom” Paul caught up with the New York-based designer to discuss the launch of his new brand, collaborating on memorable pieces with some of the biggest names in music, what’s next and so much more in the exclusive interview, below.

[The Source]: Who is Danny Aranbayev of Jewelz For The Face?


He is a loving father to a son, a Caring and supportive partner to his wife, a respectful son to his parents, and a great pillar of the community.

How competitive is the celebrity eyewear industry? 

[Danny Aranbayev]: Like every industry, there is always going to be competition but because I was one of the first and have the best quality we are looked at as the premier source.

What are the requirements for an individual/influencer to be considered for consultation with Danny Aranbayev or Jewelz For The Face? 

We are a very inviting company and as long as one reaches out to us through our channels, we can set up a face-to-face meeting. 

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Tell us about your first celebrity client and their experience?

Ashanti was my first celebrity client. We styled her glasses for her album cover with Tory Lanez (Chixtape 4).

What is it about Jewelz For The Face eyewear that is different from other eyewear brands? 

We only deal with high-end luxury brands and we only use the best goods. We also make custom lenses to fit many different styles.

What attracts you the most about the hip-hop culture? 

I love the lifestyle, I love the music and I love the life experiences that comes from it.

Tell us a story involving your favorite hip-hop album of all time?

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is my favorite album. I stayed home from school that day so I can get the CD at the store the day it came out and then listened to it on my CD player all day.

What do today’s recording artists look for in their eyewear? 

Big diamonds, and uniquely custom lens designs for men. Everyone is into glow in the dark now. We can make any lens glow.

Tell us about your evolution in hip hop as a designer? 

I started as an optician and ended up as a face jeweler. As my clients kept asking for more unique things I had to step up and make the magic happen in order to keep my client base happy. 

You can’t have success without first experiencing trial and error. Tell us about some of your setbacks in the industry and what you’ve learned from them?

One time, in the beginning, I did not make sure that order that I delivered client matched what they requested. It was a good mistake because in the end, they liked what I made better. But due to the volume, I have the most important thing making sure the custom order matches what the client is hoping for. That is why I like people to come to the show so they can see exactly what they are going to get. 

Most of your clients have released new albums this year. Any particular favorites among the new releases? 

The Fivio Foreign album is what I am currently listening to as well as anything J.I.

From a style point-on-view, what should the average wear look for when exploring new eyewear? 

Shape of lens is key to match someone’s face. Once we get the lens then we can play around with frames and ice.

Your clientele includes Bobby Shmurda, Fivio Foreign, 42 Dugg and Ashanti. Tell us about a particular conversation you’ve experienced with them about life through jewelry? 

I remember bobby coming in and he was discussing his new song Cartier Lenses and from that, we worked on the pair for the single cover.

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What is a big misconception about the eyewear industry? 

People think there are limitations of how we can customize. But we can do anything.

Tells us about the importance of entrepreneurship in hip hop? 

Hip Hop is a constantly evolving culture at the forefront of America; being in the game gives me the opportunity to grow as far as my imagination takes me. 

How do you feel seeing your products on music videos, billboards, and the biggest album covers of a generation? 

Every time I see my product in public I know I am doing something special.

Who are some desired clients you would like to see in the latest Jewelz For The Face? 

Drake and Future are the top 2 artists I am trying to work with.

Where do you find inspiration for creativity and designing the latest eyewear collection?

Everything is invented here, it comes to me naturally.

Tell us about your personal favorite(s) among the brand?

Anything Maybach as well as Cartier Buffs.

How do you evolve in this industry? 

Keep breaking barriers and being different. 

Tell us about the first time you met Bobby Shmurda? 

Bobby is a great guy with tons of energy and loves diamonds and glasses. How could we not get along?

Fivio Foreign just released his debut album, which is one of the most parts of an artist’s career. Did he reach out to you for eyewear during the album process? 

Yeah, we made a custom pair for him recently to pick up his pair. And they have been worn by him in many videos.

How do approach the creative process for your male clients and female client’s when deciding on desired eyewear? 

I take what they want from their imagination and put it into real life. I turn their VISIONS into eyewear.

When coming up with a new collection, break down the creative process?

We first pick the shape, then the size, then the lens then draw it out. Color is last.

What are your plans for the brand in 2022?

Continue to grow the customization side as well as drop my own frames.

The best advice to someone looking to buy a new pair of designer eyewear that will make them one-of-a-kind?

Come see Danny.

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