Ashanti has been a force in the R&B industry since the 90s. Around the time Ashanti was on the scene, Jennifer Lopez, aka JLo, would simultaneously be making a name for herself in the industry as the new edgy and beautiful talent. Her contributions to the R&B world would also influence the hip-hop culture, from famous collaborations with Murda Inc to her debut solo album that carries hits such as Foolish, Baby, Happy, and more.

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While JLo has created her success in her career, many fans of the two sometimes don’t know that Ashanti contributed to singles such as “I’m Real” and “Aint it Funny.”

In an interview with Metro UK, Ashanti, who just received her star on the Hollywood walk of fame, explained the feeling behind receiving recognition for her songwriting credits.


“You should always care about credit for what you do regardless of what industry you’re in, it’s really important to give credit,” she stated. “Especially nowadays because things are so smoke and mirrors. It’s not that it’s frustrating… the word has been getting out there over the past couple of years and I’m grateful so a lot of people know and they were surprised but it’s more of a ‘yeah, grateful that you know.’

“It’s weird because obviously you get frustrated for not getting credit or not being properly labeled but then that turns into something you get admired for,” she continued.

Aside from her receiving her props for her early contributions, in an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2021, the singer revealed that she would be re-recording all of the songs on her debut self titled album so that she can own the master’s and rights to her music ahead of its 20th anniversary.