Deana Fai was born in Orlando, Florida and is a singer, songwriter, actress, producer, talk show host and model that was primarily raised in Virginia.  This was home to some music moguls Pharrell Williams, Missy Elliott, Chris Brown, Timbaland, Clipse, Trey Songz, and many more.  It must be “something In the water” because talent just surfaces from this area.  DeAna Fai’s vocal ability is obviously prevalent and her writing ability and way of recording her songs is rare.   Fai does not wait for a track or producer to work on her music. Instead, the talented singer starts recording her songs. For several years, DeAna Fai has written songs and recorded her vocals on click tracks and produced the entire song which includes vocal leads, adlibs, backgrounds, and harmonies before the accompaniment of music.  She eventually would work with music producers that are skilled in arranging music to her fully produced vocals.  Although she can write and record over tracks the traditional way, her style gained the likes of several film directors, producers and music supervisors that find it easy to work with DeAna Fai if a musical idea must be coined right away.  DeAna explains that she didn’t realize this was a rare ability and had always thought this was what songwriters did, as it related to the production of a full song with or without music. 

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Although DeAna Fai is credited as a soundtrack artist in feature films  “My Favorite Five,”  “Hey Mr. Postman,” “Puzzled,” and “Perfectly Single,” she explained what it was like to send a song without music.  “I was at Water Country with my family when I finally sent an acapella to Film Director Van Elder who wrote, produced and directed the film “Perfectly Single” which stars Erica Hubbard, a co-producer of the film, as well as actors Omar Gooding, Joe Torry, Torrei Hart, J. Alphonse Nicholson, and DomiNque Perry. “I was extremely nervous to hear Van’s thoughts about the song because it didn’t have music.  However, he liked it and it was a go!  I eventually had music arranged to complete the song, thanks to music producer Robert Olieman “ Fai explained.  This song titled “Perfectly Single” and another titled “Selfie,” is heard in the film and trailer as well.  

In 2021, Fai launched the first season of her podcast “DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment.”  Celebrities from various sectors of the entertainment business were scheduled and blindly placed on panels at which they answered a variety of questions, some of which offered insight related to their journey, and the platform aided in networking relationships and engagement with fans.  There were 12 episodes with more than 60 entertainers inclusive to artists, comedians, actors, actresses,  film directors, and so much more.  Some that participated were Shanti Lowry, DJ Babey Drew, Courtney Nicole, Sharaya J, DJ Wayne Williams, Dr. Chanita Foster, Larry Sims, Justin Wu, Lee Adrian, Stevie Edwards, Makeba Woods, Conroe Brooks, James Worthy, Carvin Haggins, Corey Taylor and so much more!   The podcast spiraled into a giveback chain as a finale video version called “DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment Reunion Recap & Giveback” and it will be released later this year.  Fai teamed up with a couple of significant non-profits, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Stroke Association for the first season of the show. Some of the high-profile guests came back and there were 2 additional guests that desired to help raise awareness for these foundations as well.  The list of celebrities that participated were Erica Hubbard, Lady Luck, TT The Artist, D-Teck, Tony Dofat, Claudia Jordan, Rebecca King Crews, Rodney Perry, Rosemary Rodriguez, Brandon Broady, Melvin Jackson Jr., Tehran Von Ghasri, Angelique Bates, Dunlap Exclusive, Stevie Boi, Tyrell Crawford, Rob Gordon, Candace Wakefield, Carrie Bernans, Sprague, DJ Pryor, Erika Ringor, Kenya Brown, Kenneth Okolie, Hannon Lane, Rayshun LaMarr, and Jackie’s Boy.  The show will also feature some of DeAna Fai’s new songs that coincide with the initiative.  The songs are titled “Challenge” and “We Can Be More,” as well as the Theme Song “Kings and Queens,” which was written, produced and performed by DeAna Fai.  


In the world of American music and entertainment, DeAna Fai is a rising star. She is one of the most prominent recent artists on the scene that is multi-talented in various parts of entertainment, something of which hasn’t been seen in a long time. 

Early Life and Career

DeAna Fai has been creating music with skill since she was five years old. DeAna Fai, like many great artists in the R&B genre, discovered music when her beloved Aunt Rene placed her and her siblings in the choir.  This peaked her interest and Fai began to perform duets with her sister, but then eventually went solo because her sister’s interest faded years later. 

During high school, DeAna Fai eventually wrote and performed a song for the “City of Hope” that eventually aired on Radio Disney.

At age 17, DeAna Fai enrolled at Norfolk State University to study Biological Pre-Professional studies. She began writing and recording songs at the recording studio, where she met several interns and her song “Grown Woman” hit the local radio stations such as “Hot 91.1” and “103 Jamz.”

Music Career

DeAna Fai was invited by the late Heavy D and former Bad Boy Records engineer Jamaine Farmer, (better known as “J.F. Bey”) to “Daddy’s House Recording Studio” in New York to attempt a placement on his last album “Love Opus.”  Due to her father’s hesitancy of traveling alone, Fai invited her former music producer Onzie to go with her and attempt the placement as well.  Although this opportunity did not land them a placement, Fai acknowledges Heavy’s advice and attributes him being instrumental in her pursuit to work even harder because several years later, she landed placements in film and television.  She also landed the opportunity to connect with Steven Vincent, Vice President of Music and Soundtracks for the Disney Channel early on, all without representation. 

In April of 2020, Fai was hand-picked to partake on a show hosted by Loni Love.  Fai’s performance of Beyonce’s “Listen” was chosen to be aired on “Loni Love’s Quarantine Talent Show” on Instagram Live. While Fai didn’t win the competition, 50,000 to 100,000 people watched her performance.

DeAna Fai, a rising star, didn’t set out to pursue fame. She was adamant in using her talent to contribute back to the community and aid the globe.  Her second degree, a Master’s in Healthcare Delivery Science from Eastern Virginia Medical School justifies this initiative and blends both her passion for music and the sciences.


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