PUMA has announced the launch of its “FOR ALL TIME” marketing campaign, which celebrates the brand’s long history as a classic shoe. Through goods, content, and effect generated by “The Collective,” a group of Iconic Culture Influencers who have molded the sneaker game over the previous 50 years, PUMA will examine the definition of the word “Classic.”

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JAY-Z, PUMA’s Basketball and Classics Creative Director, and Emory Jones, of Roc Nation, are executive producers of “The Collective,” a group of creatives, influencers, and storytellers who have had a timeless influence in their respective areas. With interviews, creative content, and product designs, each member of The Collective will spotlight distinct Classic PUMA shoe shapes, helping to define both what it means to be a Classic and what it means to have timeless influence.

Each member of The Collective will handpick a rising member of the next generation of soon-to-be classic influencers in their disciplines and support their work and development with a financial grant, mentorship, and promotional help as a vital component of the initiative. PUMA will spotlight these new Collective members, highlighting those who could very well become tomorrow’s “classics.”


Emory Jones of Roc Nation, award-winning designer and PUMA Creative Director June Ambrose, Harlem fashion innovator Dapper Dan, decorated Director and videographer Hype Williams, NBA Hall of Famer and PUMA Ambassador Walt Clyde Frazier, RHUDE Designer Rhuigi Villaseor, Creative Consultant and Founder of Upscale Vandal, Mike Camargo, and Legendary Photographer Lenny Santiago serve as the Collective’s Visual Director of Still Photography.

PUMA ForAllTime EmoryJones Credit LennySantiago 1
PUMA For-All-Time: Emory Jones (Credit: Lenny Santiago)

“This year we will be highlighting PUMA’s legacy as a classic sneaker brand by asking a select group of iconic cultural leaders the essential question: What is a Classic?” said Adam Petrick, Chief Brand Officer at PUMA. “Our ‘FOR ALL TIME’ campaign will communicate PUMA’s classic sneakers such as The Suede, and other products by recounting inspiring stories from renowned people who have become unparalleled classics themselves, having influenced Fashion, Music and Sports over the last five decades.”

Over the following seven months, The Collective will share their own growth and development stories, as well as the narrative of a Collective member they hand-picked. Each month, fresh content will be released through advertising, web content, and social media.

There isn’t much respect for the “long game” in today’s world of snackable content, instant access, and trending stardom. However, it is the long game that lasts, the long game that produces long-term influence. The “FOR ALL TIME” project recognizes this impact by handing the torch to those who want to leave a legacy in conjunction with those who have already done so.

Emory Jones begins FOR ALL TIME by discussing the first time he saw the PUMA Suede, as well as how it has stayed a classic and PUMA’s incorporation into culture. You can keep up with the full campaign here.