Dr. Felicia Phillips is the CEO of PPICW, Inc. The company specializes in strategic training to bridge the gap between small/minority-owned businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. Some of those corporations, including Mcdonald’s, Wells Fargo, Papa John’s International, Delta Air Lines, the Small Business Administration, and more, have received consultation from PPICW to help establish the diversity pipeline amongst corporations.

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As a fourth-generation entrepreneur, she understands the tangible and intangible tools necessary to run a sustainable business and prepare those businesses for corporate partnerships.

“There is a very small percentage of people that make it to the seven, eight, and nine-figure earnings for their business,” she says.


Dr. Phillips’ goal is to help diversify the supply chain of large corporations.

“When I come in, I emphasize the return on investment of doing business with Black-owned and minority-owned businesses.”

Dr. Phillips facilitates the opportunity and the business to grow its network, net worth, and new revenue streams. Dr. Phillip’s ability has proven to match minority businesses with large corporations and educate small businesses on how to scale efficiently, which is an inevitable motion of progress. These companies are often solutions to company issues.

When allowed to resolve the issue, we are presented with options. Through PPICW, Inc., Dr. Felicia Phillip has become a conduit to wealth gap closure for Black and minority-owned companies.