Talented hip-hop artist TEF XL recently shared “RNR”, a new powerful track that embodies the artist’s hard work and dedication to music. This outstanding track comes packed with solid beats and a low bass setting the bar higher than ever for the old-school rapper to relish with his flowing rhymes. He has managed to create a thrilling vibe throughout the track, oozing with confidence as he shares the obstacles he had to face in his life.

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His previous release, “Deuces,” offered another powerful display of his abilities. The song is an autobiographical description of the artist’s ideology and life in general which becomes evident throughout the lyrics. TEF’s witty metaphors and the stunning musical arrangement mesh together in a tasteful, vibrant cocktail that is “Deuces”.

TEF is a business executive with deep roots as a hip-hop artist, promoter, and social advocate from Jacksonville, Florida. His music draws inspiration from 80s and 90s rap, crafted with modern melodic hints of neo-soul and enveloped in smart and socially conscious lyricism. Starting at the age of 12, TEF was already writing his own songs. As a teenager, he experienced the loss of close friends and two near-death experiences which left him with a deep purpose of living a good life.


Thus, the artist released “Injustice,” his first official single in 2020. With influences ranging from Jay-Z and Rakim to Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar, TEF is about to drop a retrospective album aptly titled CODE SWITCH that promises to be the story-of-life depiction of the artist’s experiences. Having conquered the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans, TEF is paving the way to greatness, one song at a time.

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