Up and Coming Dallas-based Rapper, Word Life, has been gaining a large online following as well as street and industry recognition with his consistency and hard work ethic. Originally from the Bronx, Ny., Word Life brings that New York hustle to Texas, becoming a big influence to the city while setting trends and creating a large name for himself. 

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Word Life visited Dallas, Tx from the Bronx, NY at an early age, where he got in trouble and ended up having to stay for a period of time. During this time, Word Life began interacting with local venues, clubs and promoters all around the state which led to his first on stage performance and studio album while doing things he never thought would really be possible. “I used to just battle rap and freestyle. I never really did the studio thing” Said Word Life. “My first year in Texas I met the bro Mo and he helped me record my first studio album and also got me on stage performing for the first time and that whole sh*t was a vibe!” [laughs] “At the time I didn’t think it would be as easy to do all this in NY so I decided to stay and see what TX has to offer.” When asked if the decision was worth it Word Life said “One of the Best decisions I’ve ever made”. 

Fast forward to now, Word Life is in between both cities and is consistently lighting up the streets with some hard hitting singles and music videos. Shot in his hometown of NYC, Word Life released his latest visuals “Smoke” directed by Gambino (NY) and produced by The Namebrand (TX). Living up to his King of all Fresh name, Word Life went from nothing to something and is seen styling in the latest designer with an Arsenal of custom jewelry. The visual effects and NYC scenery makes this for a must see video for any fan barely getting to know who Word Life is. 


“When I said I really had to go and get it, now we are thumbing through these hundreds. I wasn’t cappin.” He says. “I turned nothing into something and I want smoke with anyone who thinks they can do what I do as an independent artist.” Says Word Life about the topic of the song.

Word Life is keeping his foot on the gas and is more focused than ever on releasing content, music and visuals for his growing audience. We all look forward to seeing what else the King of all Fresh has up his sleeve!

You can watch the full “Smoke” video here:

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