PATRÓN Tequila, the world’s number one super-premium tequila, is raising a glass and celebrating Cinco de Mayo in their best way: family. PATRÓN and renowned streetwear designer John Geiger have collaborated to release the limited-edition PATRÓN x John Geiger GF-01 sneakers, which feature a colorway and unique materials inspired by the brand’s agave fields in Jalisco, Mexico. The high-end shoe exemplifies PATRÓN’s commitment to perfection and John’s meticulous attention to detail in his one-of-a-kind designs. The limited-edition PATRÓN x John Geiger GF-01 sneakers will be available on on May 5th at 5 p.m. EST.

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These sneakers are as versatile as PATRÓN Silver tequila, taking you from the courts to the cocktail bar and everything in between. The co-branded shoes replicate John Geiger’s characteristic street style, embellished with his ‘g’ emblem, while notably blending iconography of the iconic PATRÓN bee and classic green and white hue throughout, utilizing specialty leather inspired by agave fields in Jalisco, PATRÓN’s heartland.

JG X PATRON Partnership John Geiger 2

“I’m consistently inspired and impressed by PATRÓN. I loved working with them last year on our streetwear collection and this is another collaboration truly driven by passion,” said John Geiger, designer. “It was only fitting to go bigger and better for Cinco de Mayo with an epic sneaker drop that takes the designs we created with them last year to the next level. I was really inspired by the green that you’ll see in the leather detailing, evocative of the heart of PATRÓN, the agave pinas from the fields in Jalisco, Mexico.”


“PATRÓN has a captivating energy that brings like-minded partners together with us; these collaborators become part of our familiar,” said Chloe Lloyd-Jones, VP Marketing of PATRÓN Tequila. “Sharing a passion for craft and bold innovation, PATRÓN is excited to be teaming up with John again to bring this unique offering to life in time for Cinco de Mayo, a moment that is all about gathering with great company and great cocktails.”

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To complete Cinco de Mayo, PATRÓN shared a few cocktails for celebration with your friends. These five bright and refreshing tasting drinks emphasize a mix of ingredients. PATRÓN offers a versatile touch to every Cinco de Mayo celebration, whatever drink you select, from the smooth and sweet flavor of PATRÓN Silver in the Perfect Margarita to the complex flavors of PATRÓN Reposado in the Perfect Paloma.

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