Converse is partnering up with pgLang, the firm founded by Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free. “pgLang for Converse” is a partnership that takes two of Converse’s most iconic styles – the Chuck 70 and the Pro Leather – and turns them into canvases for storytelling and exploration. By adding small embellishments into silhouettes that have stood the test of time, the partnership sees its design language as based in simplicity.

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pgLang is an agency founded in 2020 by Kendrick Lamar and his longtime collaborator Dave Free with the goal of telling stories that transcend language and connecting people through shared experiences. Curiosity, accessibility, and inventiveness are at the heart of pgLang’s identity, and they’re all on exhibit in this collection.

Finally, pgLang for Converse embraces the unknown, celebrates the established, and anticipates what’s yet to be discovered in order to Create Next.


A closer look at the pgLang for Converse Chuck 70 reveals small elements that distinguish it from its original shape. The upper features hiking-style eyelets, while the insole and outsole feature an asymmetrical rubber lacquer and cryptic text patterns that allude to pgLang’s secretive spirit. “for pgLang” is also imprinted on the upper, over the Converse logo.

The Pro Leather is a classic silhouette that has been updated with a suede upper. It has the same hiking-style eyelets as the Chuck 70, and the Star Chevron is imprinted alongside “pgLang.”

A music video starring Tanna Leone and Selah Marley, which portrays the narrative of two strangers who find an unexpected connection while exploring Los Angeles, will be released to coincide with the release of this collaboration. The laces on the pgLang for Converse collection are employed as the mechanism via which the two protagonists discover connection in Los Angeles – a city where loneliness can be impossible to avoid. This is in keeping with pgLang’s objective to communicate stories that transcend language. and will have a limited global release of pgLang for Converse starting May 2. You can see the pieces below.