Congratulations are in order for Saucy Santana! The 28-year-old rapper has recently signed a mojo label deal with RCA records. Saucy Santana, otherwise known as Santana, is known for his hilarious persona on social media and hits such as Walk Em Like A Dog, Material Girl, and Walk.

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The Material Gworl himself announced the news in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club. “I feel like that was the only thing that was stopping me, kind of,” Sanatana begin. “I feel like I didn’t have that complete backing with a major label. I put in a lot of work, I worked really hard being an independent artist. But I feel like now, with that major backing, I can clear certain samples, I could get this radio sh*t going, I can get these bigger artists. It’s up.”

Sanatana also explained why he chose RCA records over other major labels, as he feels the music label respects his creativity in his projects. “When it comes down to TikTok dances, it’s me. When it comes down to videos, I’m telling them how I want my videos,” he stated.  “I let them know that I need somebody that understands Santana, but wants to help elevate and push Santana to the forefront.”


After the announcement circulated the internet, some were happy for Sanatana, while others tried to get the once makeup artist to rethink his deal. “Everybody talking shit about RCA! Look at Latto, Doja Cat & SZA and many more I didn’t mention! #NuffSaid” he stated.

We are excited to see what Santana and his influence will bring to the music industry. Check out Santana’s interview with The Breakfast Club below.