Earlier this year, Saba dropped off his new album Few Good Things. The stellar effort brought in collaborations with G Herbo and Krayzie Bone. Now Saba has his eyes on another collaboration with No I.D.

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Appearing on Apple Music 1 with Ebro Darden, Sabab talked about the Few Good Things album before revealing he received 120 beats from legendary producer No I.D. for a future project.

“So, when I got up with him, he told me he did 120. He was like, ‘A two-week span,'” Saba said. “‘I got 120. How many of them you want me to send you?’ And I was like, ‘Bro, I’m about to go on tour. Send me all 120.’ I didn’t expect him to actually do it, but he did it, and with the intent of just… I’m just having fun, mixtape style, just writing to as many of them… My goal is 10. I want to leave tour with 10, but I’m already at six, and we’ve been on tour for like a week, so I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see how many, but it’s definitely… It’s something to come.”


A collaboration between the two Chicago natives would be epic, Saba added that No I.D. was one of the first to hear the Few Good Things album:

I played the album for No I.D. before it was finalized. I’m just like, “Hey, these are the songs I’m working on. I’m about to finish it up. This is the album.” I had 10 records that I played for him, and he gave me some notes, and they was really solid…one thing that he pointed out, he was like, “You did all of the musical shit, but I’ve been to your show before, and you had motherfuckers out there moshing, doing all type of other crazy shit that you didn’t do yet on this album. You need to do that.” And to me, that was like just a oversight, where it was something I didn’t even think about. It was like some legend advice to me…But to me, the most important thing he said, he was like, “You need a new closer.” He was like, “If you play… When you tour this album, without these new records, you’re going to still be closing with the big song from your last album.” He was like, “You can’t do that.” And I was like, “That’s something I didn’t even think about.” And it was the best…it put the battery in my back and got me back to work, and I went home, and “Survivor’s Guilt” was the first beat that I made.

You can see the entire conversation between Saba and Ebro here.

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