Last night, Dave Chappelle’s onstage appearance last night (May 3) came to an immediate stop when someone rushed the stage and attacked Chappelle. Now, it’s been reported that the individual had a gun and pulled it out on Chappelle during the performance.

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During Dave’s “Netflix Is A Joke” Festiva set, a man managed to get onstage and tackle Chappelle, slamming him onto the stage. Authorities also say that the man had a gun in his hand as he rushed the comedian in stage, but the gun was not real.

A crowd of people ran after the assailant, who eventually caught up to him “and beat the crap out of him, stomping on him.” Eyewitnesses say Busta Rhymes and Jamie Foxx even got in a couple of blows on the assailant.


The attacker was taken away on a stretcher and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Dave continued with his act, telling the audience, “I don’t know if that was part of the show. I grabbed the back of that n***** head, his hair was spongy, absorbent.”

Chris Rock ironically was one of Chappelle’s guests, who after the attack, came on stage, hugged Chappelle, and said, “Was that Will Smith?”

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