Lil Baby and Ja Morant are two young stars dominating their respective fields. Lil Baby, the Hero, is currently the face of the Hip-Hop youth movement. At the same time, Ja is presently the most electrifying sports figure and will most likely be one of the more influential NBA players for years to come.

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Despite having two different career paths, Beats By Dre saw the commonality between the two stars. The Beats company is aware of the grip Ja Morant and Lil Baby have over the youth. Thus they called on them for their new commercial.

Lil Baby, who is set to take over the summer, has been the unofficial leader of the new school. He’s participated in providing the sounds in the High-school McDonald’s All-American basketball game, and he recently performed at the 2022 NFL Draft.


Morant is averaging 30.5 points per game as his Memphis Grizzles team faces a tough Golden State Warriors squad. The series between him and Steph Curry is tied, but Morant’s popularity is rising among the youth.

Meanwhile, Lil Baby plans to drop an album soon. He’s been saying it’s his turn all year, and we’ve slowly witnessed him taking over. As we await the 4 Pockets Full President to drop his album, we can enjoy his latest new joints. This month already, Lil Baby has dropped “Right On,” “Frozen,” and “In A Minute.”