Cxmmunty’s entertainment arm, Cxnnections, will curatd a living room-style gaming experience, complete with old school consoles and classic titles such as Tekken, Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter, and more, for attendees to enjoy alongside musical performances by Duke Deuce, Metro Marrs, and Deante Hitchcock.

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On May 5, fans flocked into the venue and could relax in a living room-style gaming area with ancient consoles and classic games like Tekken, Super Smash Bros., and Street Fighter. People could also relax in the networking lounge. They were then treated to performances by Duke Deuce, Metro Marrs, and Deante Hitchcock.

Ahead of the event, Ryan Johnson, Founder of Cxmmunity, spoke with The SOURCE about what it means to provide diversity to the eSports world.


“People should care more because there are certain states that have made eSports official high school sports,” Johnson said. “The challenge with that is that a lot of the titles that are played at the high school level are PC-based games. That actually alienated most of the inner city or title one school districts in the country because don’t have the money to create an e-sports lab specifically to have PC-based games.

“Most schools can afford an Xbox or a PlayStation, so that being said, this was happening in a very short period of time. And already you could see specifically in Atlanta, the students and the school systems are getting left behind while affluent schools and students are getting full-time scholarships to Georgia State, the University of Georgia, and more. So that’s why you should care. This is a growing space but we’re the lowest percentage in the actual eSport space simply because of the medium that they decide to play on.”

You can see images from the night below and be sure to follow and support Cxmmunity here.

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