Jack Harlow’s charismatic character and lyrical prowess led him to having one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2022, and it’s finally here. Halrow’s Come Home The Kids Miss You has finally arrived and it’s loaded with legends.

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Harlow’s 15-track album has an all-time great track list, which includes Drake, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne. Another notable name included on the album is Dua Lipa. Although she is not featured on the album, Harlow named a catchy song after the female pop sensation.

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Two of the songs that’s included on Come Home The Kids Miss You are “Nail Tech” and “First-Class.” With the release of “First-Class,” Jack earned his first No.1 record as the track reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

From the looks of it, Come Home The Kids Miss You is project to be Harlow’s first No.1 album. Well it’s out now and you can jam it and give us feedback.

Check out Come Home The Kids Miss You below.

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