Though it has yet to be confirmed by his family, it has been widely reported that self-proclaimed relationship guru and image consultant Kevin Samuels has died. He was 56 years old.

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Several reports revealed that Melanie King, a friend of Samuels, said she received “family confirmation” that the creator of Modern Women was dead. King, described as his female counterpart, says, “This is 100%.”

Albeit no one from Samuel’s family or reps from his team has confirmed or posted any statement, the unconfirmed reports have stated that Samuels passed away from a heart attack. The Instagram account for Plug Talk claimed Samuels died from “cardiac arrest,” but the post offered no verification. Other Instagram accounts have touted that same narrative but have no confirmation.


Samuels took social media by storm, unapologetically handing out lifestyle and relationship advice through his Youtube channel. Known for what is viewed as misogynistic and insulting commentary about Black women, many people strongly disagreed with his opinion, while others, including some women, followed Samuels and his unconventional advice faithfully. His channel, which has 1.42million subscribers, features videos such as ‘”modern women are average at best” and “women should let men use them.”

Samuels’ controversy is unparalleled. In a recent episode of his podcast just last month, Samuels said, “If you have made it to 35 and you are unmarried, you are a leftover woman, You are what is left. Men know that there is likely something wrong with you. Whether you want to hear it or not, I’m going to go there with you. I’m telling you the truth that you don’t want to hear. Men know that there is likely something wrong with you—that you can not be an adjustable six or higher—something is wrong with you. That’s where men automatically come with it. And here’s the thing—when you were between the ages of 22 and 25, and you didn’t want to settle—you were trying to get the CEO, the pilot, the investment banker, you were trying to get flewed out…”