Rapper Benzino clashed with his daughter, rapper CoiLeray, on Twitter after she defended rapper Eminem’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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“I’m about love, equality, respect and forgiveness. I have nothing against Eminem, 25 years of my life all I know is he a very talented artist and actor ! (8 Mile was great) Let’s build bridges and get over them before you burn the bridge and burn with it.”

Benzino quickly responded…


“As far as the lil who keeps talking about love and forgiveness. Well there’s this word called “loyalty” and a commandment that says “Honor thy Mother and Father” As far as burning bridges, there no bridge bigger than the one you burnt with your own blood.”

“One day you will realize that the people in these blogs comment section do not really care about you like I do & your label execs will have you sell your soul to make millions. I LOVE & ADORE my only daughter but I will just have to do it from a distance.”