May is Mental Health Awareness month and artist Kehlani is using her platform to explain why she is planning on anymore interviews, citing protecting her mental health.

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The announcement came late last week after the Morning Hustle’s interview with Kehlani was released with much speculation that the artist “did not want to be there.” Kehlani was doing the interview as part of her promotional tour for her new album, Blue Water Road. (The full interview can be seen here for complete context).

Fans were divided, with many feeling like Kehlani was uncooperative with other criticizing the show’s hosts for the way that they addressed the artist’s pronouns. (Kehlani’s official Instagram account says “she/they.”)


Following the interview, Kehlani wrote on Instagram Live: “No more interviews,” “support the music or don’t Im done,” “all I care about is my fans,” “only people I care about serving is the fans,” and “i’m here for y’all and that’s it.”

She followed up by criticizing fans who shared clips out of context and encouraged her followers to check out all of the other great stuff she had been up to recently.

On Sunday, Kehlani, who is a mother of one, celebrated Mother’s Day by sharing a photo of her daughter in a celebratory post and also posting a quote by Alex Elle on Instagram Live, which she titled “a note for manifesting generators” that read: “I’ve started to learn that everyone isn’t going to be happy with me for changing and choosing myself. it is not my job to please anyone. I have one life to live…am allowed to create a joyful life for myself even if outsiders do not understand.”

Blue Water Road is Kehlani’s third full-length studio release and features guest appearances from Ambré, Justin Bieber, Blxst, Jessie Reyez, Syd, and Thundercat.