Bad Boy French Montana will appear in court in the near future after it was reported that he is being sued for allegedly stealing the lyrics from his 2021 smash hit “Handstand.”

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Turk from Cash Money’s Hot Boys claims that Montana stole his lyrics for the song and says that French has to pay up.

According to a lawyer from Turk’s lawyer to French’s attorney, Turk, whose real name is Tab Virgil Jr., claims that French ripped off the lyrics from the group’s 1999 hit “I Need A Hot Girl” without permission and says that the song where the stolen lyrics are heard already have received over 17 million views on YouTube.


A source close to the situation says that French took the lyrics and the beat under the impression that he’s received clearance, but it has been reported that French is already trying to rectify the situation.

Turk’s attorney, Paul M. Aloise Jr. of the Brooks LeBoeuf law firm, says they’re willing to settle out of court, so hopefully, this case will end without unnecessary litigation.