TIDAL, the global streaming platform, has announced the opening of the 1-833-4-TIPSONTIDAL Hotline in collaboration with hip-hop legend T-Pain. The hotline, which coincides with T-latest Pain’s track “That’s Just Tips,” provides insider industry tips from T-Pain himself.

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Fans and rising artists will be able to submit questions using the #TipsfromTPain hashtag or by DMing @TIDAL on Instagram starting today. The 1-833-5-TIPSONTIDAL hotline will be operational on May 12th. T-Pain’s announcing the hotline may be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Questions from fans will be divided into categories, and callers will be able to explore the hotline to get guidance on the issue of their choice. Callers will also have the ability to leave T-Pain and the TIDAL team with extra questions and remarks!


TIDAL’s DNA is strongly ingrained in supporting the next generation of artists. TIDAL is committed to discovering and promoting the next generation of music across all genres as part of its RISING program. This hotline is TIDAL’s newest and most unique opportunity to assist musicians on their path to success.