One of the 90s’ most prolific actresses showed no love was lost when speaking on the death of self-proclaimed relationship guru Kevin Samuels, who passed away this past week at 56 years old. The cause of his death has not yet been revealed.

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Many of his opposers, particularly Black women, have had mixed feelings about Samuels’ passing, with some being outright callous about the death of Samuels, who was very critical of single, Black women who were still looking for relationship advice.

Veteran actress Vivica Fox appeared on her show Cocktails With Queens, where Fox didn’t hold back at all when speaking about Samuels after death. Fox said, “This man was a hypocrite, in my honest opinion. He really was. I didn’t find anything about him to be healing. He insulted African-American women on a consistent basis.”


Fox then pointed out details of Samuels’ death, saying, “I hope this is teaching folks a lesson about the karma that you put out, the negativity that you put out in the world. That when karma comes knocking at your door, she mind not be so kind. So, the fact that he keeled over real quick and was supposedly with a woman that we don’t yet know the nationality, rest in peace..”

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