If a person were to ask how does one amplify African American voices through a storytelling medium, that person can point to EBONY’s Head of marketing, Kera McCain. 

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Kera McCain prides herself in curating, shaping and amplifying the stories of the most influential Black voices. While she says it took time to get there, “’I’ve been doing that my entire life.”

“It’s an honor to be in the position to amplify the stories of people with the energy and ambition to shift culture,” says McCain. 


While she has assumed the role as Head of Marketing at the historic EBONY Media, the goal and intention remains the same. 

Kera McCain joined EBONY in November 2021 after more than a decade of executing marketing initiatives for top brands such as Live Nation Entertainment, Revolt TV, Ticketmaster, Condé Nast, Allure Beauty, Vogue and more. 

She arrived at her purpose after a personal soliloquy of her potential career as an actress. McCain was aware that she would not commit to the craft as a thespian, but could establish the runway to take off in another way.

“I knew I wanted to help magnify a connection from a person to a brand,” she says. “I knew I wanted to maximize the visibility of whatever I was involved in. I learned what that was in particular and it was making an emotional connection to something, which is marketing.”

She references the importance of her community of friends

In last month’s cover story, EBONY Media featured Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpert and their two daughters, Julie and Rue.

These are the stories that EBONY has continued to amplify throughout its illustrious history. Under new leadership with owner Junior Bridgeman and Chairwoman, Michele Gee, the publication gears up for another era of Black excellence that will keep flame burning on the EBONY legacy. At its marketing helm, Kera McCain is thankful for their style of leadership.

“I feel a sense of rocket fuel being here,” says McCain. “From Mr. (Junior) Bridgeman, to EBONY’s chairwoman Eden Bridgeman Sklenar and our CEO, Michele Gee, we are led in a way that does not have to be conventional or safe. To be at a company that prides itself on, ‘I may not be sure of what it looks like, but let’s try it,’ there is no better place to be.”