The NBA presented six reimagined trophies on Thursday. The Larry O’Brien Trophy, which is given to the NBA champion, has been given a roundish makeover that is even more diametrically indicative of the basketball itself.

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There will now be Conference Final MVP trophies named after Magic Johnson (Western Conference) and Larry Bird (Eastern Conference), who are both credited for improving the league’s profile in the early 1980s. Those trophies, like the conference champion trophies, lift a sterling silver ball.

The Larry O’Brien Trophy’s overall size, shape, and weight have not altered, although there have been some minor changes. The major modification is the base, which now sits on a pair of circular stacks instead of a square foundation. The names of the first 75 NBA champions are listed on the top disc. Each NBA champion’s name will be carved on the bottom disc of each new trophy beginning this year, ensuring that each team receives a one-of-a-kind trophy displaying its name.


The disc will be large enough to hold the next 25 NBA champions in the run-up to the league’s 100th anniversary season.

“Our minds were on what the trophy should look like and how heavy they should be,” said Christopher Arena, the NBA’s head of on-court and brand partnerships, who spearheaded the project. “We wanted to explore and start a new 75 years and bring some aesthetic consistency to that and have some meaning behind all the trophies we had.”

You can see the new trophies below and read more about the design of the complete line of trophies here.

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