ForMySkyz, a Harlem-born, Bronx-raised artist, has struggled with feelings of loneliness for years and has sought solace in his creative expression during his lowest points. He took to social media one day to play a song he wrote that was so moving that he started crying during the performance. The post was so well received by viewers that it currently has over 2 million views. “How To Heal,” the aforementioned music, describes the hardships of dealing with suffering, hard times, and deception.

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Knowing that everyone heals differently, he invites the audience to express love and support rather than telling someone how to recover. Without any marketing, “How To Heal” had already received over 1.5 million plays and 1.2 million streaming on TikTok before its official release. ForMySkyz has now released the official video for the song, which you can watch below. Watch the video and follow him on Twitter @ForMySkyz.