Drake’s Grammy-award-winning producer Noah “40” Shebib releases a mini-documentary titled Toronto Rising. The 14-minute doc directed by Alim Sabir, is a collaborative partnership with Native Instruments and 40.

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40 is a notoriously private person, so this doc is a rare and unique look into his private life, featuring archival footage of his come-up including never-before-seen home videos of him discovering his love for the piano as a child and the early days of his legendary partnership with Drake.

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I’ve always considered myself a visitor in hip hop. When I was 21, I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I learned a lesson in the hospital, which was that as long as I had like one finger that still worked, no matter what the world took from me, I could play the keyboard and I could make music. All the things in my life just kind of pointed me in one direction. I’m here to play my part and to leave my impact.

Noah “40” Shebib

Toronto Rising serves as a backstory to the legacy 40 has built for himself . As well as inspire the next generation of producers who may be struggling to find their footing amid adversity. It’s also a love letter to Hip-Hop and the city which he and Drake played an integral role in putting on the map.

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