From his infamous all-white parties in the Hamptons to New Year’s Eve extravaganzas in Miami, it’s no secret that Diddy, 52, presented the culture with some of the most memorable parties throughout his 30-year-plus career. While promoting the upcoming Billboard Music Awards, Diddy titles himself the “Best Party Thrower” in a new commercial that instantly sparks a reaction from Award-winning Los Angeles Casting Director and Party Thrower Ed “E. MillsDidIt” Mills, followed by him suggesting a debate for the rightful owner of the moniker to the general public on social media in order to determine who is the real “best party thrower” between the two.

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In reaction to Diddy’s declaration, E. Mills — who’s not looking to self-proclaim the title like Diddy — shared a Tik Tok promo that uses a clip from Diddy’s 2022 Billboard Music Awards commercial where he states “Interrupting your regularly scheduled program, I have an announcement to make. I’m the best muthaf*ckin party thrower…”, a scene from the classic film Coming To America with Hakeem (Eddie Murphy) asking: “…You’re the prince, then who am I?”, a clip of E. Mills turning his head with a stunning look and a puzzled mannerism, and a few clips of him partying hard while surrounding around an army of models. The clip issues the vote-requesting statement “Let’s let the people decide…”, followed by taunting remarks and signature catchphrases from E. Mills, like “oh yeah. E. Mills Did It,” “Mill Ticket” and “Mr. Imma Out Work You Ni**as.”


The song in the clip is Wallet Green’s “F*ck It Up,” which name drops E. Mills and his entertainment company Mill Ticket Entertainment in a verse that raps: “… I got hoes like Mill Ticket / They gon think E. MillsDidIt.”

Diddy was announced as this year’s Billboard Music Awards’ host and executive producer last month. While the mogul made the statement in the commercial — it was neither confirmed nor denied that the mogul’s statement was an open invitation to all challengers. Now, E. Mills is well aware of the billionaire mogul’s high-profile party-throwing history but approaches the conversation for sheer acknowledgment of his rivaling partying-throwing resume across the U.S. throughout the 2000s.

“Let’s be clear,” said E. Mills in an issued statement when reached for comment by The Source’s Bryson “Boom” Paul. “It wasn’t necessarily a challenge set forth, but more so me putting the world on notice. I’m not a walk through the park, so to speak when it comes to this lifestyle. I’ve created a lot of vibes over the years and know I’ve planted my feet in these couches [laughing] but hey I’m not running from a challenge either — never have and never will. We can definitely do it for the culture. With that being said, I do give credit where credit it’s due. He’s earned his stripes, just give me mine too 🎟”

Mills is the Founder and CEO of Mill Ticket Entertainment, a popular Los Angeles-based entertainment brand for years now best-known for casting models in music videos for the majority of hip hop’s biggest superstars. The brand’s resume includes a wide variety of high-profile brands and the biggest superstars in today’s music such as 1800 Tequila, New Balance, and Adidas. Mill Ticket models have been seen starring in music videos for everyone, ranging from Drake to Chris Brown to YG to Tyga to 2 Chainz, and so many more. Interestingly, E.Mills has provided models for the Diddy-owned television network, Revolt TV, and its popular original talk show, Respectfully Justin hosted by Justin Laboy.

E.Mills cast the brand new Diddy-starring Ciroc commercial promoting the brand’s new ready-to-drink line in Miami.

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Diddy has yet to rebuttal to Mills’ promo at this time but the streets is talking, and want the two to go head-to-head for the title, party-for-party. Mills shared a fan-made versus flyer featuring himself and Diddy with the caption “Somebody just sent me this lol who wants to see it?”

“We need this!,” wrote Lauren Banks under the Instagram post with fire emoji. “Come on now we all know you gonna win,” commented rapper Joey $ynth$ with side-eyed eyes and 100 emoji. “Let’s goooo!!” comments hyped photographer Jam-X.

The Source’s requests for comment(s) from Diddy and/or representatives have gone unresponded at press time. More as this story develops.

Billboard Music Awards hosted and executive produced by Diddy, aires live this Sunday (May 15) at 8PM ET/5PM PT on NBC-Peacock. Watch the trailer below.