Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green doesn’t run from any smoke thrown his way. On Friday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take, Kendrick Perkins ripped Green for being scared to shoot the ball and doing more talking than balling.

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After eliminating the Memphis Grizzlies in 6 games and clinching a spot in the Western Conference Finals, Green aired out Perkins in possibly the worst way ever, including calling the man an ogre.

“Something came to my phone earlier,” Green said to reporters. “Some guy saying I’m scared to shoot the basketball. Scared and me in the same sentence is brutal. But you got a big ogre on TV talking about what Draymond says ain’t the gospel. It is the gospel. What I say is the gospel. When you say that multiple times on several different segments, you must think what I say is the gospel. So, you got to come out and shut some guys up sometimes. When you got people talking out the side of their neck. ‘Anybody can make the pass Draymond make.’ That’s just stupid.


“But these are people who get employed to talk on TV about our game. ‘Anybody could make that pass.’ You make that pass. We’d love to see it. I played against the guy by the way. I’m talking about Kendrick Perkins for those of y’all that don’t know. I’m never duckin’ no smoke. As the Memphis Grizzlies’ towels say, I don’t duck smoke. ‘Anybody could make that pass.’ You couldn’t, so good luck. You just got to come out and shut people up sometimes. It was very fun to do.”

Not too long after Green made those comments, Perkins took to social media to fire right back with a funny quote “You ain’t handsome! You damn sure ain’t cute!”

While the back and forth makes for great tv, Green and the Warriors have regained their championship form. Don’t expect the back and forth to end anytime soon. Perkins has a right to express his opinion, and Green has his.