Not very often, is there a success story when transitioning from the streets. Not only that; But to seemingly turn a complete 180 degrees and become a role model and key figure in the community. Keith Presley has done just that while shaping his own narrative since his release from prison. 

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Currently residing in Chicago as well as Dubai, Presley is recognized and respected throughout the world. A former Kingpin turned Author and Business Executive, Presley is making waves not only in the literary world but the sports world as well. 

Blessed with a natural “Gift of Gab” KP is able to communicate and create relationships with people from all walks of life. He has unflappable respect for the Game, and truly lives & abides by the “G-code”.


His extraordinary story is compelling, unbelievable, and thought-provoking. His recent release titled It’s a Dirty Game: Memoirs of a Hustler” (KP Publishing Inc.), is a book he wrote after being incarcerated on Federal and State drug conspiracy charges. The publication reads like a combo of a Hollywood script and a street bible. It’s interesting how Presley as an author tows the line of a motivational, yet cautionary tone. Ultimately allowing the reader to live vicariously through his life experiences. 

While somewhat graphic, Presley’s penmanship highlights the glitz and glamour of lifestyle as well as life lessons that accompany life at the top of the drug game. According to Presley, “prison was one of the best things that ever happened to me” which is a raw and insightful perception to have. It is extremely commendable that even with such an edgy life story, Presley does not advocate or condone the lifestyle he once lived.

The introspective piece of writing is well worth the $1000 asking price and is without a doubt a quality book needed in every library and on every bookshelf. It has the feel of other notable publications like “48 Laws of Power”, “Art Of Seduction”, and even 50 Cents “50th Law Of Power”. Once you fall into the first page of the narrative, it’s extremely hard to put it down. 

It’s important to recognize how extraordinary Presleys transition actually is. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for BTLE (Bigger Than Life Entertainment) where he is also the face of the company. He uses his God given talent to promote professional boxing matches world- wide. BTLE fights are televised on CBS Sports in the USA and Canada and globally through Fight Tyme streaming services.

His release can be purchased at the following link You can keep up with Keith Presley via his Instagram account @kptheman1000.