Freddie Gibbs is rumored to have a wild visit to Buffalo, NY. According to artist Tony Rodgers, Gangsta Gibbs was beat down and his chain was snatched while eating before the show. According to XXL, Gibbs was in town for his Space Rabbit Tour.

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“I just saw Freddie Gibbs get beat up and his chain took while I was eating in buffalo Ny,” Rodgers tweeted.

Rodgers also stated the scene was “bad” and Gibbs did not have help from his security, instead, his chain was snatched.


“Freddie Gibbs chain was snatched doing the video tell DJ ak to hit me up then I’ll upload the video everybody tagged him,” Rodgers added.

Gibbs would take the stage in Buffalo but noticeably had a swollen eye. He did have a chain around his neck. Gibbs would deny that he lost a chain in the altercation. You can see Gibbs and his swollen eye below.

According to TMZ, Gibbs was eating at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que when the massive brawl started.

For a long time, Benny the Butcher and Freddie Gibbs have been feuding. Nobody knows what began the feud, but the two haven’t worked together since Benny’s Hit-Boy-produced album Burden Of Proof‘s single “One Way Flight.” Benny claimed the time was passed when questioned about working with Gibbs again.

After the above tweet, Gibbs responded online: Niggaz whole marketing plan for they album is to beef with Freddie Gibbs. That’s cute,” Gibbs wrote, adding a kissing face and laughing emoji. “In the second post, Gibbs said, “If U opened up for me before just be grateful.”

The album Gibbs is speaking of his Benny’s recently released Tana Talk 4.