Cryptocurrency is becoming a booming industry, very similar to that of the music industry. Flex is now the director of strategy for Jikoro Sciences, a deep tech company as well as an A&R and producer. Flex is bringing innovation with the implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrency to accomplish their goals.  

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For years, Flex worked in the music industry as a producer and A&R working with prominent artists. From that experience, he saw issues that artists faced when it came to ownership and compensation. Flex saw a solution to fix that, and that solution was implementing cryptocurrency because the music industry now uses Blockchain to support artist development and music ownership. Cryptocurrency can distribute rights and open access.   

In working with Jikoro Sciences, he wants to take a similar strategy by implementing cryptocurrency to reach Jikoro’s objectives.   


A major benefit of cryptocurrency is that it is digital. It eliminates the need to carry around large amounts of cash with a greater emphasis on security, transaction speed and cost.  

Flex says investing in cryptocurrency can change lives and free up typical monetary constraints. Plenty of information regarding cryptocurrency is on, NerdWallet and Investopedia.  

He advises that you do your own research and avoid the get-rich-quick schemes because investing takes time for your money to grow. One valuable lesson he has learned in his career is to always demand compensation or be recognized for your work. Doing favors does not always guarantee one in return, Currently Adrian Swish and Flex are working on a few ventures from NFTs, Sports Branding to marketing and giving back to the community. From the music industry to deep tech, there is challenge too big for Flex.