A young singer from a small country outside of Russia, Johnyboy is an up-and-coming artist. 15 years ago, he began to work on music by participating in hip-hop battles online and in person. This led to his downfall as he lost a battle 0-5 to Russian rapper Oxxxymiron. In no time, it became the most-watched hip-hop battle on YouTube. He lost a lot of fans as a result and took some time away from music. It is now time for him to make a comeback to music, and he has made huge improvements that will excite his fans.

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As a musician, he uses his experiences to engage his fans through his music. In his music, he wants his fans to hear that every downfall is the beginning of an uprising. It is his goal to let everyone know that even if he falls down, he will always get back up even stronger. In addition, he wants to serve as an inspiration to his fans to never give up no matter who is counting on their downfall.

To craft a sound that speaks to himself and his fans, Johnyboy draws inspiration from a variety of musicians. He pulls this inspiration from artists like Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, Drake, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Machine Gun Kelly, 21 Savage, Eminem, and Linkin Park. Those who listen to these artists have the same vision: to make a difference. It’s a vision Johnyboy shares as well. Among his greatest accomplishments as an artist, he has been able to help countless people, especially those suffering from depression, mental disorders, or just struggling with life in general. The 7th album of his career, “WAGMI,” will be released on July 12th. It’s his most experimental and high-quality album yet, combining Memphis trap, reggaeton, and country hip-hop. Keep checking into his Spotify for fresh releases. Keep up with his life by following his Instagram.